Keyboard shortcuts for Slack

Message shortcuts
12 shortcuts
Edit your last message
Select text to beginning of current line
  • Shift
Select text to end of current line
  • Shift
Create a new line in your message
  • ShiftEnter
Add emoji reactions to a message
  • CtrlShift\
Bold selected text
  • CtrlB
Italicize selected text
  • CtrlI
Strikethrough selected text
  • CtrlShiftX
Codeblock selected text
  • CtrlShiftC
Turn selected text into a numbered list
  • CtrlShift7
Turn selected text into a bulleted list
  • CtrlShift8
Set or edit your status
  • CtrlShiftY
All Unreads navigation
3 shortcuts
Open All Unreads view
  • CtrlShiftA
Move between channels
  • or
Toggle current channel read or unread
  • R
Switch workspaces
2 shortcuts
Switch to previous workspace
  • CtrlShiftTab
Switch to next workspace
  • CtrlTab
29 shortcuts
Move focus to the next element
  • Tab
Move focus to the previous element
  • ShiftTab
Move focus through messages in a channel or DM
  • or
Move focus to the next section
  • F6
Move focus to the previous section
  • ShiftF6
Take action or 'click' on buttons
  • Space
Take action or 'click' on links
  • Enter
Close windows, menus, or the message field
  • Escape
Scroll up
  • Home
  • or
Scroll down
  • End
  • or
Quick Switcher
  • CtrlK
Open direct messages menu
  • CtrlShiftK
Browse all channels
  • CtrlShiftL
Open All Threads view
  • CtrlShiftT
Previous channel or DM
  • Alt
Next channel or DM
  • Alt
Previous unread channel or DM
  • AltShift
Next unread channel or DM
  • AltShift
Prevous channel or DM visited
  • Alt
Next channel or DM visited
  • Alt
Preferences (desktop apps only)
  • Ctrl,
Open or close right pane
  • Ctrl.
Channel info pane
  • CtrlShiftI
  • CtrlShiftM
  • CtrlShiftE
Starred Items
  • CtrlShiftS
Search the current channel or conversation
  • CtrlF
Open previous search
  • CtrlG
Toggle full screen view
  • CtrlShiftF
Call actions
2 shortcuts
Toggle mute on and off
  • M
Toggle video on and off
  • V
File and snippets
2 shortcuts
Upload a file
  • CtrlU
Create a new snippet
  • CtrlShiftEnter
Mark messages read or unread
2 shortcuts
Mark all messages in current channel or DM as read
  • Escape
Mark all messages as read
  • ShiftEscape

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