Roam Research

Keyboard shortcuts for Roam Research

7 shortcuts
Bring up a menu of many core functions
  • /
Search the database
  • CtrlU
Jump back to page after search
  • CtrlEnter
Search on the current page
  • CtrlF
Open a new page created in search in the sidebar
  • ShiftEnter
Jump to the Daily Notes page
  • CtrlShiftD
Toggle brackets
  • CtrlB
Version Control
4 shortcuts
Add a version
  • Ctrl,
Cycle versions to the right
  • CtrlShift.
Cycle versions to the left
  • CtrlShift,
Expand all versions, all versions will appear in their own blocks
  • Ctrl.
Lists and Blocks
24 shortcuts
Indent block
  • Tab
Un-indent block
  • ShiftTab
Move block up
  • CtrlShift
Move block down
  • CtrlShift
Create a new block, bullet point
  • Enter
Create a TODO checkbox
  • CtrlEnter
Create a new line inside of a block
  • ShiftEnter
  • CtrlZ
  • CtrlShiftZ
Zoom in, show only the current block enlarged
  • Ctrl.
Zoom out, restores the normal view
  • Ctrl,
Follow link under cursor, when editing a block
  • CtrlO
Open a link under cursor in the sidebar
  • CtrlShiftO
Collapse all child blocks under the current block
  • Ctrl
Expand all child blocks under the current block
  • Ctrl
Select the block above where the cursor is placed
  • Shift
Select the block below where the cursor is placed
  • Shift
Select all blocks
  • CtrlShiftA
Jump to the beginning of the current block
  • CtrlA
Jump to the end of the current block
  • CtrlE
Move one character to the right
  • CtrlF
Move one character to the left
  • CtrlB
Swap all characters on either side of the cursor
  • CtrlT
Show avatar of the last user to edit the block
  • CtrlCCtrlX
8 shortcuts
Reset heading, or set to paragraph
  • CtrlAlt0
Toggle TODO or DONE
  • CtrlEnter
  • CtrlB
  • CtrlI
Create an HTML link
  • CtrlK
  • CtrlY
  • CtrlH
Create an inline block of code
  • `

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