Keyboard shortcuts for Notion

9 shortcuts
Create a new page (in the Mac/Windows app).
  • CtrlN
When creating a new page, select where to add the page.
  • CtrlShiftP
Open a new window (in the Mac/Windows app).
  • CtrlShiftN
Quickly jump to a page (Quick Find).
  • CtrlP
Go back.
  • Ctrl[
Go forward.
  • Ctrl]
Go up to the parent page.
  • CtrlShiftU
Toggle dark mode.
  • CtrlShiftL
Toggle the sidebar (in the Mac/Windows app).
  • Ctrl\
Content Creation & Editing
17 shortcuts
Insert text.
  • Enter
Create a comment.
  • CtrlShiftM
Bold selected text.
  • CtrlB
Italicize selected text.
  • CtrlI
Strike-through selected text.
  • CtrlShiftS
Create a link with the selected text.
  • CtrlK
Create inline code with the selected text.
  • CtrlE
Create text.
  • CtrlShift0
Create a heading 1.
  • CtrlShift1
Create a heading 2.
  • CtrlShift2
Create a heading 3.
  • CtrlShift3
Create a to-do.
  • CtrlShift4
Create a bulleted list.
  • CtrlShift5
Create a numbered list.
  • CtrlShift6
Create a toggle list.
  • CtrlShift7
Create a code block.
  • CtrlShift8
Create a page block.
  • CtrlShift9
While Typing
3 shortcuts
Select the block you are editing.
  • Escape
Indent. This will insert the block into the previous block.
  • Tab
  • ShiftTab
While Dragging
1 shortcuts
Hold down these keys to duplicate.
  • Alt
While Blocks are Selected
15 shortcuts
Activate buttons/pages and checks/un-check checkboxes, toggle to-dos, or enter full screen on embeds/images.
  • CtrlEnter
Expand the selection up or down.
  • CtrlShift
  • or
Open a page in a new tab.
  • CtrlShiftEnter
Rename the current selection.
  • CtrlShiftR
Enter fullscreen (while on an image).
  • Space
Expand the selection up or down by one block.
  • Shift
  • or
Select all blocks in the page.
  • CtrlA
Clear the selected blocks.
  • Escape
Duplicate the blocks you have selected.
  • CtrlD
Edit the block you have selected. If the block has no text, something else might happen.
  • Enter
Copy the link to the Notion page you are on (desktop apps only).
  • CtrlL
Select a few blocks, then edit blocks all at once.
  • Ctrl/
Select multiple cards in a board view, then move or edit them all at once.
  • Ctrl/
Hold, then use the arrow keys to change the position of a block.
  • CtrlShift
Expand/close all toggles
  • CtrlAltT

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