Keyboard shortcuts for

4 shortcuts
Bolt Switch (quick switch between boards)
  • CtrlB
Close Item Page
  • Escape
Close Dialogs
  • Escape
Close Search
  • Escape
19 shortcuts
Navigate Down
Navigate Up
Navigate Left
Navigate Right
Navigate to Next Cell
  • Tab
Navigate to Previous Tab
  • ShiftTab
Edit Cell Content
  • Enter
Clear Cell Content
  • Backspace
Open Column View
  • Space
Search Board
  • CtrlF
Copy Cell Content
  • CtrlC
Paste Cell Content
  • CtrlV
Cut Cell Content
  • CtrlX
Select Item
  • CtrlEnter
Select Range of Items
  • ShiftEnter
Create New Group
  • CtrlShiftG
Create New Column
  • CtrlShiftC
Open Activity Log
  • CtrlL
Collapse/Expand All Groups
  • CtrlG

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