Microsoft Teams

Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Teams

Meetings and Calls
9 shortcuts
Accept video call
  • CtrlShiftA
Accept audio call
  • CtrlShiftS
Decline call
  • CtrlShiftD
Start audio call
  • CtrlShiftC
Start video call
  • CtrlShiftU
Toggle mute
  • CtrlShiftM
Toggle video
  • CtrlShiftO
Toggle fullscreen
  • CtrlShiftF
Go to sharing toolbar
  • CtrlShiftSpace
12 shortcuts
Open activity
  • Ctrl1
Open chat
  • Ctrl2
Open teams
  • Ctrl3
Open calendar
  • Ctrl4
Open calls
  • Ctrl5
Open files
  • Ctrl6
Go to previous list item
  • Alt
Go to next list item
  • Alt
Move selected team up
  • CtrlShift
Move selected team down
  • CtrlShift
Go to the previous section
  • CtrlShiftF6
Go to the next section
  • CtrlF6
6 shortcuts
Go to compose box
  • AltShiftC
Expand compose box
  • CtrlShiftX
Send, in the expanded compose box
  • CtrlEnter
Attach a file
  • CtrlO
Start a new line
  • ShiftEnter
Reply to thread
  • AltShiftR
11 shortcuts
Show keyboard shortcuts
  • Ctrl.
Go to search
  • CtrlE
Show commands
  • Ctrl/
  • CtrlG
Start new chat
  • CtrlN
Open settings
  • Ctrl,
Open help
  • F1
  • Escape
Zoom in
  • Ctrl=
Zoom out
  • Ctrl-
Return to default zoom
  • Ctrl0

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